[LastFM] The Cardigans – Explode

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廣播這個老東西也跟著Web2.0的到來而復活了?LastFM 是用各社群來決定你的頻道裡會出現什麼歌,好像也有其他的線上廣播的網站 Pandora之類的…不過還沒空去試試。


The Cardigans

詞:Persson 曲:Svensson
編曲: 製作:

Ease your trouble
we’ll pay them double
not to look at you for a while
And you rely on
what you get high on
and you last just as long as it serves you
Explode or implode
explode or implode
we will take care of it
yes, we will carry you
’cause you’re deserted
what’s good, you hurt it
and kills you it keeps you alive
so give it up
in a world of puppets
It’s a shame what they do to us all
can we do anything for you now ?


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