[Python] Python template engine

Python web frameworks

  • full stack or basic
  • Google app engine support?
  • url route , 
  • Template
  • session , form , cache , 
  • DataBase  SQL ORM
  • 擴充extension, Ajax
  • 文件documentation
  • 後台管理介面  Administration


  • easy to use
  • by Python?



Python template engine

Engines Mixing Logic into Template  


(有  {%  %} 這類escape block tag的 )

  • Django template engine
  • Jinja 2 – an extensible, sandboxed text-based templating engine with Django-like syntax (but faster).Tenjin is a fast template engine implemented in pure Python. Some benchmarks have shown it to be about x2 faster than Mako, x3 than Cheetah, x9 than Django, x60 than Kid in some situations. (flask)
  • Genshi – XML-based templating engine, used in the popular python tool tracPerformance tests show that it is the fastest of all xml based templating engines in Python.
  • Mako – a fast, non-xml, templating engine based on ideas from Myghty.
  • Cheetah

    • Pros:
    • Cons:

Engines with Annotated Templates



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